About Snake Condoms

SNAKE Condoms are condoms for Aboriginal youth created by Aboriginal Youth.

SNAKE Condoms were created way back in 2004 by a group of Aboriginal youth in Mildura. These condoms were created especially for Indigenous youth to feel comfortable and proud to have a condom of their very own, as Sexually Transmitted Infections and unplanned teen pregnancy are important health issues facing young Indigenous people today. Condoms are the only form of contraception that offer dual protection against both STIs and unplanned pregnancies.

To order SNAKE for your community today simply visit our SNAKE Shop .

To learn more about SNAKE and what makes it Australia’s first condom for young Indigenous people go to The Brand.

To learn more about the creation of SNAKE and the group of young people from Mildura who helped us make it go to SNAKE History.

SNAKE Condoms is a project that was piloted by the Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (VACCHO), Marie Stopes Australia (MSA) and the Mildura Aboriginal Health Service.

The Most Pleasurable Sex Toys for Lesbians

The Most Pleasurable Sex Toys for Lesbians

Although animals, insects, reptiles, and virtually every other species have been observed engaging in homosexual activity in nature, humans haven’t always looked favorably towards lesbians. Thanks to many of our world’s currently progressive views, lesbians are gradually gaining public acceptance, with many countries’ inhabitants not dishing out any flak for lesbians getting each others’ love buttons wet.

Sex toys spruce up any individual’s or couple’s lives, especially lesbians. Gay women aren’t able to penetrate one another with natural sexual organs, leading most of them to turn towards adult toys. Let’s look at the best Sex Toys at Joujou for lesbians in today’s wide, easily-accessble marketplace of sex toys.


Dildos are a must-have for every lesbian masturbation or sexual intercourse session. Fingers just don’t cut it a majority of the time, leading women — lesbian or not — to crave glass, wood, acrylic, or rubber dildos. They are available in virtually every color, size, and material. Lesbian couples should look for dildos that allow them to be strapped on to harnesses, which leads me to… Like Dildos by Joujou https://www.joujou.com.au/collections/dongs-dildos-strapons/Dongs-&-Dildos


Strap-ons are simply dildos that facilitate penile-vaginal sexual intercourse between two females. They might have excessively flared bases, bases that closely fit the pelvic region of females, or extensions meant to fit inside the dominant partner. Strap-ons are undoubtedly one of the most popular types of sex toys among lesbian couples.

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Harnesses usually feature straps that allow for a close fit on the dominant partner who uses them. Their most unique features are pieces of rubber, leather, or hard plastic that fit snugly over the pelvic region. In the middle of these flat pieces are girth-y holes to accommodate dildos or strap-ons that fit inside these ever-popular sex toys. Not every lesbian uses strap-ons and harnesses, but most couples do. Because harnesses almost always take a beating, make sure to spend more money on quality harnesses than other sex toys to get extended periods of use from them.


While men, straight women, and gay women can all get lots of pleasure from these sex toys, vibrators are most commonly used by lesbians. Vibrators are easy to use, either plugged in wall sockets or equipped with batteries. These adult toys practically eliminate manual stimulation with hands or toys that require users to expend energy for minutes on end — it really does get tiring after a while, trying to maintain steady rhythm and all.

Fingertip stimulators

These devices are tiny, shaped in pad form with straps or adhesive to attach them to users’ fingertips. Fingertip vibrators are especially powerful with lesbian couples, as whichever partner is wearing them can direct vibrations towards her lover’s clitoris, which may post this type of sex toy as a staple in their bedrooms.

Dual anal-vaginal penetrators

Women have prostates just like men do, known as the most sensitive area in humans’ anal regions. Vibrators that fit in both the vaginal and anal canal are highly effective, stimulating the two most sensitive sexual organs simultaneously.

Sex Toys Spice Up Your Life

Sex Toys Can Spice Up Your Love Life

There are several different types of sex toys for people to browse and buy on the web. Masturbation toys are ones that are easiest for individuals, couples, or groups to use. Couples items are often romantic or include instructions for partners or groups. Another category includes fetish products for people who are a bit kinkier than others. Finally, pain and bondage items are other things that you can explore when you want to have a little excitement and mystery in your bedroom.

Sex toys for everyone

Masturbation with or without a participating party is a time when anyone can use a vibrator, dildo, or anal beads. Sex toys like vibrating dildos have moving heads, skin-like features, are made of glass, or have several speeds to increase user enjoyment. Each type of dildo is meant for insertion, but they all have different characteristics that make them unique including textured skin, curved shafts, a vibrator, moving parts, extensions, or some other feature that enhances the experience.

Fetish adult toys

Several Joujou Sex Toys fit into the fetish category. Some of these items include feathers, sexy lingerie, cowboy hats, thigh-high boots, and crotch-less panties. Depending on the sex partners, lovers can choose to mix and match items if desired. There are games to get couples to be more hands-on during sex. Fetish items can range from mildly kinky to really extreme. For instance, licking high heeled shoes is a foot fetish of many that are considered to be very risque.

Sex toys of the BDSM variety

Handcuffs are a prime example of bondage, dominance, sadomasochism, and masochism toys. These sex toys are often found in leather or latex, and crossover into the fetish category. Lovers typically play games where one or more people are tied up in sexual positions and dominated by another person. Some of the more extreme adult toys include crops, whips, and erotic bonding benches.

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Costume play and role play

Many individuals want to pretend they are in a certain role or have a particular genetic makeup when they have sex. These people dress up as police officers, taxi drivers, and even superheroes to turn on a partner. The lovers act out a scene or conduct an impromptu play session before engaging in sex.

Finding adult toys is easy online. Choosing the ones that you think will do the job is the hard part. The key is communication. Unless you are buying an sex toy for personal satisfaction, then the lines of communication have to open. Talking is the best way to avoid disagreements and define boundaries. Taking the time to find out what the other person or individuals are comfortable with before engaging in sexual behavior with toys, creams, books, movies, and other sex items helps improve the experience. When people talk about sex at a separate time, each participant knows what to expect when using a new toy or item for the first time, and everyone has a say in sex play.

The History of Sex Toys

The History of Sex Toys – Birth, Transformation, and Modern Status

Sex toys are a staple in sexual foreplay, intercourse, and self-stimulation. As humans primarily have sex for pleasure, exclusively using our god-given fingers, hands, arms. feet, toes — holy endless body parts! — and sexual organs get old. Adult toys aren’t in any form or fashion a modern concept, even within the past few hundred years. Let’s dig into a brief history of sex toys, who first created various toys, and how toys have evolved.

Although history was not kept as accurately thousands of years ago as it is today, some circles allege that Cleopetra used the world’s first vibrator. The Egyptian queen possessed a hollow gourd with evidence indicating it was full of bees. Its original use will likely never be accurately identified, unfortunately for the sake of sex toys https://www.joujou.com.au/

However, it is unarguably that cavemen — yes, prehistoric man — created phallic objects from rock for female pleasure around thirty thousands years ago. The outside of these stone-age dildos were polished for just-bearable levels of pleasure. Boy, it’s good to live in the 21st century!

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Ben Wa balls were created in year 500 AD by long-lost Japans ancestors. These toys were made from metal housings, casing smaller round spheres in the middle. The insides of this early sex toys would roll around, teasing their recipients with their everyday movements. Early Ben Wa balls are believed to have been used for strengthening Kegel muscles and others in and around vaginal cavities for better sex without these sex toys.

Let’s fast-forward more than 1,000 years to 1869, the middle of the Pittsburgh steel boom in which the most famous Rockefeller of them all originally built his empire. The physician Dr. George Taylor created a vibrator powered by steam to treat so-called hysteria in female patients.

Twenty-one years later, the Pulsocon Hand Crank was invented. This evolving adult toy is the first prototype of the modern-day Hitachi Magic Wand. The early, hand-cranked quasi-vibrator is surely to have led to some dangerous injuries, although known are outlined in adult toy history books — wait, they do publish those, right?

The Gyro-Later was a World War II-era vibrator that looked like a cross between a popsicle and a nuclear bomb. This pinkish/reddish adult toy was mass-produced in Chicago, Illinois and plugged into wall outlets for power.

Sex toys began to explode in popularity in the 1960s hand-in-hand with hippies, anti-war movements, and other incoming liberal ideologies. The world’s first wireless vibrator was released in 1966, more than fifty years ago today. Dildos began being crafted from various rubbers and plastics, became fused with vibrators, and produced in a wide palette of styles. Today, anal beads, wireless bullets attached to partner-controlled remotes, and widely-available vibrators.

Sexy-time can be complemented by a wide range of adult toys available in traditional brick-and-mortar stores andfound on the Internet. Purchasing sex toys on the Internet is discreet, features more selections than traditional stores, and eliminates running into friends, family, and coworkers.

Buy Adult Toys On the Internet

How to Buy Adult Toys On the Internet

If you’re looking to spruce up your love making, it might be a good idea for you to consider using adult toys. The beauty about utilizing adult toys in the bedroom is that they’re perfect for spicing things up a bit in a manner that suits both parties. For individuals interested in purchasing adult toys, you often have just two options available to you: buy online or buy from a local adult shop. The problem with buying toys from a local adult shop is that it can be embarrassing. If you’ve never been to one of these stores before, it can be incredibly problematic to go to one and look through available inventory without blushing.

Another problem with local adult stores is their limited inventory. They simply do not have the large assortment of items that an online store would have, which limits the amount you’re able to buy. This is why so many people have made the decision to buy their adult toys on the internet. When you go online to purchase and browse for JouJou Sex Toys, you’re able to have a wide assortment available to you at a price you can easily afford from a reputable internet vendor.

Once you make the decision to buy your adult toys online, it’s crucial that you look through the different stores available to meet your needs. You will want to make sure that you’re choosing a store that is both reputable and inexpensive on their items. You can often find promo codes and special deals for online adult toys when doing your shopping, which saves you even more money in the long run. The store should have excellent customer service in case you need to get an answer to one of your questions.

One benefit to shopping online that you might not even be aware of is the fact that all of the items are going to be shipped discreetly. This means that if you buy an adult toy, no one will know what’s in the box but you and your partner. This is often guaranteed by the store selling the items, but it is a good idea to find out more about the specific details of shipping from the store you’re actually using before placing an order. There is nothing more embarrassing than ordering adult toys online and having them shipped in a box with an adult store’s name on it. Vibrators https://www.joujou.com.au/collections/vibrators 

The powerful motor and smooth silicone outer body perfectly align to stimulate. The incredible touch sensitive feature gives you the control over the intensity of the vibrations.

There are a ton of reasons you might want to consider utilizing these stores for your love making needs. You might want to spruce up a dulling relationship with something new and exciting. Likewise, you might be a single individual just looking to have some fun by yourself. Whatever you’re looking to do, there are tons of sex toys shops on the internet readily available to take your order and have the items shipped directly to your home. Millions of people have shopped for these types of items on the internet, so there is no shame in visiting a site and browsing the inventory.

Basic Types of Sex Toys

Basic Types of Sex Toys and Which May Be Best for Your Needs

Homo sapiens — that’s a scientific term for humans, by the way — are one of the world’s few species that have sex for pleasure. Ever since humans became humans, we’ve had sex for pleasure and masturbated for fun. The first sex toy is estimated to be an astounding 28,000 years old, found in ancient German ruins just a few years ago. Thanks to the advent of technology and its rapid proliferation, adult toys have become used more widely, more often, and in more varieties than ever before. What a time to be alive, huh?

Not everybody is familiar with sex toys, and that’s fine. Sexual intercourse and masturbation without the assistance of adult toys is exhilarating enough, as it is. Today, we look into the basics of sex toys and what needs they best serve.

Who are adult toys designed for?

As our world quickly becomes more adopting of LGBT culture, more and more adult toys are being made specifically for gay, lesbian, and transgender individuals and couples alike. Simply put, Sex Toys Australia Joujou are for everybody — guys, girls, seniors, 40-year-old virgins — everybody! Many websites exist for serving the sexual needs of those with particular fetishes, as well. No matter what you’re into, there’s likely a wide number of sex toys ideal for you and your partner’s intended use.

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Basic types of sex toys


Dildos are phallic objects made from wood, glass, acrylic plastic, rubber, and virtually every other material imaginable. They come in all sizes, from just a few inches long to several-foot-long dongs. They can be used by men and women alike, with many made specifically for one or the other. Dildos are made in every color imaginable, as well — glow in the dark, pink, clear, and the list goes on. Keep in mind that every dildo should feature a flared base, which is larger than the remainder of the toy, to prevent it getting lost inside you.

Butt plugs

These toys are similar to dildos, except they are meant to stretch your anus. They are usually shorter and skinner than dildos, although some butt plugs are enormous. Some feature feather tails or jeweled ends to meet specific kinks’ needs.

Cock rings

Cock rings help men maintain rock-hard erections for extended periods of time. While cock rings come in a variety of styles, it’s best to find one that stretches or has an emergency release switch to prevent them getting stuck. They often slide on easy, but they might not come off as effortlessly.

Penis sleeves

Penis sleeves fit around a man’s member and usually feature ridges, bumps, mounds, or other textures to enhance pleasure. Most are open-ended, but some can have closed ends, like Flashlights. Make sure to always use lubrication with penis sleeves to prevent reddening and chafing.

There are more sex toys out there that most can imagine. Whatever you decide to indulge in, make sure they’re made from safe materials and are crafted by reputable manufacturers.