Basic Types of Sex Toys

Basic Types of Sex Toys and Which May Be Best for Your Needs

Homo sapiens — that’s a scientific term for humans, by the way — are one of the world’s few species that have sex for pleasure. Ever since humans became humans, we’ve had sex for pleasure and masturbated for fun. The first sex toy is estimated to be an astounding 28,000 years old, found in ancient German ruins just a few years ago. Thanks to the advent of technology and its rapid proliferation, adult toys have become used more widely, more often, and in more varieties than ever before. What a time to be alive, huh?

Not everybody is familiar with sex toys, and that’s fine. Sexual intercourse and masturbation without the assistance of adult toys is exhilarating enough, as it is. Today, we look into the basics of sex toys and what needs they best serve.

Who are adult toys designed for?

As our world quickly becomes more adopting of LGBT culture, more and more adult toys are being made specifically for gay, lesbian, and transgender individuals and couples alike. Simply put, Sex Toys Australia Joujou are for everybody — guys, girls, seniors, 40-year-old virgins — everybody! Many websites exist for serving the sexual needs of those with particular fetishes, as well. No matter what you’re into, there’s likely a wide number of sex toys ideal for you and your partner’s intended use.

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Basic types of sex toys


Dildos are phallic objects made from wood, glass, acrylic plastic, rubber, and virtually every other material imaginable. They come in all sizes, from just a few inches long to several-foot-long dongs. They can be used by men and women alike, with many made specifically for one or the other. Dildos are made in every color imaginable, as well — glow in the dark, pink, clear, and the list goes on. Keep in mind that every dildo should feature a flared base, which is larger than the remainder of the toy, to prevent it getting lost inside you.

Butt plugs

These toys are similar to dildos, except they are meant to stretch your anus. They are usually shorter and skinner than dildos, although some butt plugs are enormous. Some feature feather tails or jeweled ends to meet specific kinks’ needs.

Cock rings

Cock rings help men maintain rock-hard erections for extended periods of time. While cock rings come in a variety of styles, it’s best to find one that stretches or has an emergency release switch to prevent them getting stuck. They often slide on easy, but they might not come off as effortlessly.

Penis sleeves

Penis sleeves fit around a man’s member and usually feature ridges, bumps, mounds, or other textures to enhance pleasure. Most are open-ended, but some can have closed ends, like Flashlights. Make sure to always use lubrication with penis sleeves to prevent reddening and chafing.

There are more sex toys out there that most can imagine. Whatever you decide to indulge in, make sure they’re made from safe materials and are crafted by reputable manufacturers.

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