The Road Show consisted of the following travellers Jan Holt, Manager of the Sexual Health & Blood Borne Virus Programme N.T Government, Greta Enbom – Health Promotions Officer NTAHC, Daniel – Coordinator NTAHC Alice Springs and Tobin “Vanessa Saunders” Wagner and myself from Marie Stopes Australia.

Our Trip was going to start in Darwin and end in Alice Springs in a 12 seater bus!

It began on the 6th, Vanessa did a drag show, we had two HIV positive speakers and two health professionals. The evening was attended by 55 people mainly from the gay male community. The panel were asked questions about HIV and the latest news about it. SNAKE was well displayed and promoted.

The next day we drove to Katherine and the following day we spoke to 50 health professionals at Katherine Hospital. Tobin and myself gave HIV testimonials with Stephen Hill giving a run down on HIV finishing with questions and lunch. I was invited to soeak live to air on  Radio 104.9 about SNAKE and the road show in general.

Tuesday, we drove to Elliot, an extremely small town of 450 people, mainly Aboriginal. We spoke to the Year 10 boys and girls separately. i spoke to them about HIV and Jan gave the facts about HIV and showing them how to put a condom on.

We then drove to Tennant Creek, population 3000, with a high Aboriginal population. It was interesting to note that on the street 99.9% of people were Aboriginal compared to the streets of Melbourne. I gave a testimonial at the CWA Hall the next day with Jan once again talking about the facts! SNAKE was popular with the youth!

We drove to Alice Springs, saying goodbye to our newly met friends. We arrived just on dusk and it was so beautiful to see Alice nestled between the MacDonnell Ranges. With 80 people attending Vanessa’s final show, we had finally reached our destination. To make things a little different, we invited Abirginal Doctor David Brockman from Clinic 34. He was able to answer all the clinical questions surrounding HIV. A great night was had by all and we were saddened by the facts we would all be going our seperate ways the next day. What a great experience! All along the way, we had participants filling in evaluation forms and it was great to get such positive feedback.

A second Road Trip has been set for August, and we have been invited to take part, promoting SNAKE and sharing our stories with our people!

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