Marie Stopes International

For details of centres in Australia, contraception, STI check-ups and abortion help & advice make a freecall on 1800 003 707 or visit the Marie Stopes website.


Teen lifestyle website will tell you everything you need to know exactly likeitis… with no frills, no judgements and definitely no holds barred!

Got a burning question? Why not send it to Each month Dr Phil, the resident likeitis doctor, answers the top three questions received from people like you.

AIDS, Hepatitis & Sexual Health Line Inc

This is an anonymous phone counselling and education programs about HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, sexually transmitted infections and sexual health.

For counselling service on AIDS information make a freecall to 1800 133 392

For infiormation on Hepatitis make a freecall to 1800 800 241

You can also visit their website.

Health INsite

An Australian government health site with reliable info and many great links. For more information on matters related to young people and sex visit the website.

Bean Bag

Youth website providing up-to-date information on youth based centres throughout Australia. The Bean Bag project also addresses Internet access and local content issues for young people living in urban locations throughout Australia. For more information on youht based centres near your area visit the website.

Reach out

The Reach out! website is here to help young people with whatever problems or questions they may have. It has heaps of information and advice on a variety of issues and can put you in touch with the right people if you want to know more.


An interactive website for young people that provides information on health, drugs, relationships and legal issues. Operated by the Australian Drug Foundation.

Sexual Health and Family Planning Australia

A website that provides interesting sexual health information, including fact sheets that can be downloaded.

It’s My Body

A website designed for girls on everything you ever wanted to know about periods & puberty, but didn’t want to ask!

Contraception info

The Contraception Info website is designed to introduce you to the different contraceptive methods available and to help you reach an informed decision about your options.

Love Bugs

The Love Bugs website is designed to answer all of your questions sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and infections of the reproductive systems their possible symptoms and ways you can treat them.


Got a question about sex? The sextxt website gives you accurate answers when you need them… all in the time it takes to send and receive a text message. And just to make sure you get all the facts you need, the sextxt™ website includes additional info on sex and sexual health.