The History of Sex Toys

The History of Sex Toys – Birth, Transformation, and Modern Status

Sex toys are a staple in sexual foreplay, intercourse, and self-stimulation. As humans primarily have sex for pleasure, exclusively using our god-given fingers, hands, arms. feet, toes — holy endless body parts! — and sexual organs get old. Adult toys aren’t in any form or fashion a modern concept, even within the past few hundred years. Let’s dig into a brief history of sex toys, who first created various toys, and how toys have evolved.

Although history was not kept as accurately thousands of years ago as it is today, some circles allege that Cleopetra used the world’s first vibrator. The Egyptian queen possessed a hollow gourd with evidence indicating it was full of bees. Its original use will likely never be accurately identified, unfortunately for the sake of sex toys

However, it is unarguably that cavemen — yes, prehistoric man — created phallic objects from rock for female pleasure around thirty thousands years ago. The outside of these stone-age dildos were polished for just-bearable levels of pleasure. Boy, it’s good to live in the 21st century!

 The full-bodied vibrator with a silky-smooth finish, Elise™ 2 eclipses even its bestselling predecessor - a classic Pleasure Object with deeply powerful vibrations

Ben Wa balls were created in year 500 AD by long-lost Japans ancestors. These toys were made from metal housings, casing smaller round spheres in the middle. The insides of this early sex toys would roll around, teasing their recipients with their everyday movements. Early Ben Wa balls are believed to have been used for strengthening Kegel muscles and others in and around vaginal cavities for better sex without these sex toys.

Let’s fast-forward more than 1,000 years to 1869, the middle of the Pittsburgh steel boom in which the most famous Rockefeller of them all originally built his empire. The physician Dr. George Taylor created a vibrator powered by steam to treat so-called hysteria in female patients.

Twenty-one years later, the Pulsocon Hand Crank was invented. This evolving adult toy is the first prototype of the modern-day Hitachi Magic Wand. The early, hand-cranked quasi-vibrator is surely to have led to some dangerous injuries, although known are outlined in adult toy history books — wait, they do publish those, right?

The Gyro-Later was a World War II-era vibrator that looked like a cross between a popsicle and a nuclear bomb. This pinkish/reddish adult toy was mass-produced in Chicago, Illinois and plugged into wall outlets for power.

Sex toys began to explode in popularity in the 1960s hand-in-hand with hippies, anti-war movements, and other incoming liberal ideologies. The world’s first wireless vibrator was released in 1966, more than fifty years ago today. Dildos began being crafted from various rubbers and plastics, became fused with vibrators, and produced in a wide palette of styles. Today, anal beads, wireless bullets attached to partner-controlled remotes, and widely-available vibrators.

Sexy-time can be complemented by a wide range of adult toys available in traditional brick-and-mortar stores andfound on the Internet. Purchasing sex toys on the Internet is discreet, features more selections than traditional stores, and eliminates running into friends, family, and coworkers.

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