The Most Pleasurable Sex Toys for Lesbians

The Most Pleasurable Sex Toys for Lesbians

Although animals, insects, reptiles, and virtually every other species have been observed engaging in homosexual activity in nature, humans haven’t always looked favorably towards lesbians. Thanks to many of our world’s currently progressive views, lesbians are gradually gaining public acceptance, with many countries’ inhabitants not dishing out any flak for lesbians getting each others’ love buttons wet.

Sex toys spruce up any individual’s or couple’s lives, especially lesbians. Gay women aren’t able to penetrate one another with natural sexual organs, leading most of them to turn towards adult toys. Let’s look at the best Sex Toys at Joujou for lesbians in today’s wide, easily-accessble marketplace of sex toys.


Dildos are a must-have for every lesbian masturbation or sexual intercourse session. Fingers just don’t cut it a majority of the time, leading women — lesbian or not — to crave glass, wood, acrylic, or rubber dildos. They are available in virtually every color, size, and material. Lesbian couples should look for dildos that allow them to be strapped on to harnesses, which leads me to… Like Dildos by Joujou


Strap-ons are simply dildos that facilitate penile-vaginal sexual intercourse between two females. They might have excessively flared bases, bases that closely fit the pelvic region of females, or extensions meant to fit inside the dominant partner. Strap-ons are undoubtedly one of the most popular types of sex toys among lesbian couples.

Advanced Waterproof Jack Rabbit


Harnesses usually feature straps that allow for a close fit on the dominant partner who uses them. Their most unique features are pieces of rubber, leather, or hard plastic that fit snugly over the pelvic region. In the middle of these flat pieces are girth-y holes to accommodate dildos or strap-ons that fit inside these ever-popular sex toys. Not every lesbian uses strap-ons and harnesses, but most couples do. Because harnesses almost always take a beating, make sure to spend more money on quality harnesses than other sex toys to get extended periods of use from them.


While men, straight women, and gay women can all get lots of pleasure from these sex toys, vibrators are most commonly used by lesbians. Vibrators are easy to use, either plugged in wall sockets or equipped with batteries. These adult toys practically eliminate manual stimulation with hands or toys that require users to expend energy for minutes on end — it really does get tiring after a while, trying to maintain steady rhythm and all.

Fingertip stimulators

These devices are tiny, shaped in pad form with straps or adhesive to attach them to users’ fingertips. Fingertip vibrators are especially powerful with lesbian couples, as whichever partner is wearing them can direct vibrations towards her lover’s clitoris, which may post this type of sex toy as a staple in their bedrooms.

Dual anal-vaginal penetrators

Women have prostates just like men do, known as the most sensitive area in humans’ anal regions. Vibrators that fit in both the vaginal and anal canal are highly effective, stimulating the two most sensitive sexual organs simultaneously.

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