Sexuality is a part of everyday life. When it comes to sexuality, it means more than just whether or not you’ve ever had sex.

Deciding to have sex is a big deal, and, like most things, there are consequences. In all things to do with sex and relationships, every person will have their own idea of when is the right time. If you’re thinking about having sex for the first time, click here.

The laws about sex differ for each state in Australia. For more information on these laws, click here.

If you have unprotected sex, you may at risk of contracting an STI (sexually transmitted infection). For more information on STIs, click here.

The only way to protect yourself from an unplanned pregnancy and an STI, is to use a condom. Find out how to put on a condom or get information on other types of contraception.

If you are unexpectedly pregnant and not sure what to do, there are people out there who can help. For information on Teenage Pregnancy, click here.

To find your local sexual health Help & Advice contact, click here.

The Facts – a snapshot

In Australia, not as many young people are having sex as you think:

75% of 16-year olds have not had sex
53% of 18-year olds have not had sex

However, other types of sexual activity are on the increase:

67% of Year 10-12 students reported ‘feeling someone up’ (or ‘being felt up’) in the genital area
45% reported giving or receiving oral sex
80% reported deep kissing with someone (tongue kissing/pashing)

(Source: Secondary Students and Sexual Health 2002, ARCSHS)