1. Carefully tear open the foil along one side. Do not use teeth, finger nails or jewellery to open the condom as it may damage it.
  2. Do not pull the condom before putting it on. Pinch the tip of the condom to remove air.
  3. Fit the condom on before any sexual contact. Roll the condom onto the erect penis, all the way to the base. Snake Condoms are already lubricated to make them easier to put on and more fun to use. It’s also a good idea to use extra water based lubricant with condoms to reduce the risk of condom breakage.
  4. After ejaculation, slowly withdraw the condom while the penis is still erect. Hold onto the rim of the condom during withdrawal to avoid leakage.
  5. Tie off the end of the used condom and dispose of hygienically. Do not flush the condom down the toilet – instead, wrap in tissue and place in bin.
  • Always check the expiry date on the condom foil – do not use out of date condoms.
  • Condoms are for single use only.
  • Never use oil-based lubricants as they can damage the condom.
  • Always store your condoms in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.